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Million miles flyer

million_milerToday I have become a "million-miler" with United. Ad astra per sore buttocks, cramped legs and red-eyes.:-) Thinking about the times when I just started flying, I cannot stop telling myself "Wow, I must be really old!". Back then:

  • Free and unlimited booze is considered an integral part of an airplane, just like jet-engine or oxygen masks

  • You do need to have a paper ticket, sometimes it i even was hand-written

  • Airport security is just taking off your back-pack and may be unloading some coins from your pockets

  • Multiple times I flew on McDonnell Douglas MD-11, where a standard part of the preparation for landing was stewardess handing extra blankets over to passengers sitting at the emergency exits. The blankets were used to catch the condensate water, which was not even dripping, but flowing in small streams on those sitting right next to the door

  • On trans-Atlantic flights I would frequently wait to be the last one to enter the airplane; then instead of my original seat I will take one the empty rows in the middle section on 747 (4 seats together) and just sleep across all four seats

  • The food is business lounges is good, in every United lounge there is a bowl filled with Ghirardelli chocolates

  • You only hear about "excess luggage" in the airport if you have some many suitcases that you had troubles fitting them into your car on the way to the airport

  • Stewardesses are young and good-looking, even on US airlines

  • Sometimes they do not allow you to use a laptop during the flight, if laptop has a CD-ROM drive

  • Once I flew Copenhagen-Seattle on the same plane as members of some orchestra from Russia. In the first couple of hours of the flight these guys drunk all the duty-free alcohol they purchased in Copenhagen. Then some of them took out their instruments and they were waling the isles, playing and singing. Nobody said anything about "do not congregate"

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